Re: Local program exection in WWW browsers

Larry Masinter <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 09:38:44 --100
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From: Larry Masinter <>
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Subject: Re: Local program exection in WWW browsers
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>				  Given that the URL working
> group has decided that you don't even want to reference local
> files, I suspect the best that x-exec: can hope for is de facto
> standardization.

Wait, wait, wait...

I think the *HTML* standard can have in it what it's willing to
include in a HREF or IMG SRC=; e.g.,  

in that standard, you can say that you allow

	<A HREF="reference" ...>

where a "reference" is either a:
	local file designator
	exec link
	relative URL-like-thing


Not all things that might appear in a *HTML* standard as 'allowable in
a link' should appear in the *URL* standard.

In particular, applications that require *URL*s but can't deal with
'exec links' and other things might be archie-like-things, resource
discovery programs, internet directory services, etc.

Just because it isn't in the URL standard and looks like a URL doesn't
mean you can't standardize it.