The f****** BBC

Paul "S." Wain <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 13:17:31 --100
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Subject: The f****** BBC
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Okay, Sorry for mailing this here but I feel the need to vent after what
I have just seen *grin*

For those of you who dont know, the BBC have a new network program
called "The Net" (which is supposedly the ``handle'' for the INTERNET
according to the show :) 

Well anyway it plugged its WWW site ( which to
say the least is of poor quality. The problem is that people are going
to think that this is typical of what the WWW can do, and to say the
least it pissed me off slightly.

Anyway I wrote to the maintainer(s) with a few hints on how to improve
it, but I just feel I needed to vent to a larger audience the BAD work
that the BBC is doing for the Web as a whole.

Which reminds me, according to the BBC the net consists of _just_ the
WWW, email and, get this, BBSs..  Oh and the neo-nazis in Germany. And
who the hell was that guy, "The best known NetSurfer in the UK"?

Finally what I want to know how much did the BBC pay to use the NCSA
MOSAIC logo on various bits of the show? *grin* I only ask that cos if
the BBC can use it in a program then why cant we have it on a T-Shirt :)

Yours, (marginally pissed off cos of the bad name the BBC are giving the


(p.s. sorry if I offended anyone but its been a long, bad day and Ive
only been here like 3 hours *sigh* - feel free to flame me in private
email - and sorry for clogging up your mail boxes)
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