Re: The f****** BBC (Gertjan van Oosten)
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 14:21:27 --100
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As quoted from Paul "S." Wain:
> Well anyway it plugged its WWW site ( which to
> say the least is of poor quality.

Not to mention unreachable from here...  :-(

> Anyway I wrote to the maintainer(s) with a few hints on how to improve
> it, but I just feel I needed to vent to a larger audience the BAD work
> that the BBC is doing for the Web as a whole.

Bad?  In this half-hour show, the Internet has already received more (and
better) attention than ever before on TV.  Remember that the programme is
not targeted towards the average www-talk subscriber.

And they *did* solicit comments, so things are likely to change for the
better in the coming episodes.

> Finally what I want to know how much did the BBC pay to use the NCSA
> MOSAIC logo on various bits of the show?

I was a bit surprised when they showed

and saw Eric Bina's e-mail address float past.  ;-)

-- Gertjan van Oosten,  West Consulting bv
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