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Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 14:40:31 --100
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On Thu, 14 Apr 1994, Paul S. Wain wrote:
> Well anyway it plugged its WWW site ( which to
> say the least is of poor quality. The problem is that people are going
> to think that this is typical of what the WWW can do, and to say the
> least it pissed me off slightly.

Well, this is being chewed over on the local campus newsgroups.  I videoed
the show with the intention of making the sound track and maybe the video
available on campus via the WWW (apparently our agreements with the BBC
let us do this for everything bar the Open University programmes). 
However, it was so content free and full of mis-information I'm not going
to waste my time with it.  Even the slightly computer literate people on
campus said they found it boring (as did technophobic spouses/partners). 
Their own email address was wrong, and the HTTP URL was missing a trailing
slash.  Not a promising start (especially seeing as they've been working
on it full time since January).

> who the hell was that guy, "The best known NetSurfer in the UK"?

Probably someone big on CIX or CompuServe that none of the rest of us have
ever heard of.  Why didn't they get someone who we know and who knows
what they're talking about such as TBL or MarcA?

I daren't think what could happen if someone shows the production crew the
MBONE.  :-)  


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Systems in the Department of _Computer_Studies_ at Loughborough University.
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