Re: Local program execution in WWW browsers
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 18:34:27 --100
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Subject: Re: Local program execution in WWW browsers
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> So, who suggests the first batch of things that a `WWW
> control center' and an accessory would want to exchange? 

How would embedded, active objects -- such as viewers for inlined 3D  
objects -- work in this accessory scheme?

The communication protocol I've seen proposed so far is basically set  
up to allow a single accessory to manipulate the HTML document as a  
whole.  But in the case of active, embedded objects, this would  
appear to lead to a "cooperative multi-accessorizing" nightmare.  I'd  
prefer to have the protocol based on something like distributed  
object interfaces.

Also, the proposed protocol enforces a focus on the browser's  
currently displayed document.  That's not appropriate for embedded  
objects, which need to stay attached to the document which contains  
them (for as long as the browser wants to "cache" the active  

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