Re: Interest in HTML Conformance?
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 01:32:37 --100
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Subject: Re: Interest in HTML Conformance? 
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Marc VanHeyningen <> writes:
> What exactly do you mean by "alternative" browsers?

You're right -- "alternative" is too vague a word.  What I  
unfortunately have to think about as a document provider is the  
percentage of users trying to browse my server with a particular  
client.  Ideally, it wouldn't make any difference.  But at the  
present time it's a problem for documents that need to use features  
from HTML+.  For example: (William M. Perry) writes:
> If the 'image' input type is put into the HTML+ spec, I will
> put it in my browser.  Until then, I will work for using
> 'scribble'.

As of version 2.4, X Mosaic still does not support the HTML+ synonym  
for the "image" input ("submit" with a SRC).  On the other hand, you  
refuse to make the older syntax available.  It's not really so  
important who is "right" -- it's the disagreements themselves that  
are the problem.

Paul Burchard	<>
``I'm still learning how to count backwards from infinity...''