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paolo petta <>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 12:17:48 --100
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Subject: re: revised html-mode.el
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[original message by Daniel W. Connolly ]
> p.s. I've resumed hacking on html-mode... I started with a little
> ditty that attempts to put in all these missing <P> tags to bring
> a doc up to date... it also sticks "<!DOCTYPE ..." at the top.
> I also changed the "html-add-code" etc. to work on the region, like a
> good little word processor should: you select some text with the mouse
> and choose Emphasize from the menu, and it wraps the selection with
> <em>...</em>. How many times to you go "hmmm.. I think I'm going to
> write some emphasized text..." versus "ah... that span of text should
> be marked as CODE." Headers are the same way... type in the header,
> select it, then make it a header.
> This way is _much_ easer for hand-converting text documents into HTML.
> Anybody interested?

Would it be feasible to have a "merger" of this hacked html-mode and
the hm--html-menus package (available at e.g. (pub/www/contrib), (/pub/Linux/apps/editors/emacs/) and (in /pub/unix/editors/lemacs/contrib)?

e.g. hm--html-menus has supported the "work on selection" for a long time...
Perhaps if Heiko Muenkel (the author) were willing to accept/coordinate
patches, extensions, etc. much effort could be saved... 


ps.: While this message is motivated because I hate always having to
     choose between n packages for the same job, each of which
     supporting some handy/nice feature the others don't, I readily
     admit that this issue has (very?) low priority..