Re: revised html-mode.el (William M. Perry)
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 17:23:14 --100
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From: (William M. Perry)
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Subject: Re: revised html-mode.el 
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>>>>> " " == michael shiplett <> writes:

pp> ps.: While this message is motivated because I hate always having
pp> to choose between n packages for the same job, each of which
pp> supporting some handy/nice feature the others don't, I readily
pp> admit that this issue has (very?) low priority..
>   I second Paolo's postscript.

>   Adding to the please-merge-these-similar-packages discussion, I
> suggest incoporating/building from/looking at the html-helper-mode
> package by Nelson Minar. Html-helper-mode is based on html-mode and
> I've found it to be a significant improvement--my main gripe is that
> it doesn't support <P></P>...yet. I haven't seen hm--html-menus
> package.

  I think everyone should standardize on psgml - the excellent SGML editing
mode by Lennart Stafflin.  It actually understands a DTD and only lets you
insert contextually valid tags (unless you are absolutely sure and want to
enter them by hand).  You will need a few sgml files (like ISOlat1, etc),
but this is a very general solution.  The next time the DTD is updated, you
don't have to go and rewrite your entire HTML editing mode - you just
recompile the DTD and psgml is ready to go.

  You can ftp a copy from -
or you can get it straight from

  -Bill Perry