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michael shiplett <>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 17:03:00 --100
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From: michael shiplett <>
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Subject: Re: revised html-mode.el 
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"pp" == paolo petta <> writes:

[original message by Daniel W. Connolly ]
>> p.s. I've resumed hacking on html-mode... I started with a little
>> ditty that attempts to put in all these missing <P> tags to bring a
>> doc up to date... it also sticks "<!DOCTYPE ..." at the top.

pp> Would it be feasible to have a "merger" of this hacked html-mode
pp> and the hm--html-menus package (available at e.g.
pp> (pub/www/contrib),
pp> (/pub/Linux/apps/editors/emacs/) and (in
pp> /pub/unix/editors/lemacs/contrib)?

pp> ps.: While this message is motivated because I hate always having to
pp>      choose between n packages for the same job, each of which
pp>      supporting some handy/nice feature the others don't, I readily
pp>      admit that this issue has (very?) low priority..
  I second Paolo's postscript.

  Adding to the please-merge-these-similar-packages discussion, I
suggest incoporating/building from/looking at the html-helper-mode
package by Nelson Minar. Html-helper-mode is based on html-mode and
I've found it to be a significant improvement--my main gripe is that
it doesn't support <P></P>...yet. I haven't seen hm--html-menus

Here's the (pseudo?) LCD Archive Entry:

;; html-helper-mode|Nelson Minar||
;; Major mode for editing HTML.|
;; 16-Mar-94|Version 2.0|

  For more information--including the notable differences between
html-mode and html-helper-mode, see