Re: WWW Conference (Lou Montulli)
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 21:28:11 --100
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Subject: Re: WWW Conference
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> > I keep hearing about a WWW conference.  Is this open to the
> > public?  Can I get information on it like dates, places,
> > agenda, etc?
> There has been a pointer to the conference details
> from
> for a long time now.  It is at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, May 25-27,
> jointly organized by CERN and CUI at Univ. Geneva. Contact address
> is <>.
> However, there has been enormous demand, and the limit of 300
> attendees has been reached  :-(  It will clearly have to be repeated,
> possibly twice yearly.  The procedings will be published on the web --
> many of the papers are already there.   There were very many good papers
> which had to be rejected, so future conferenecs may have to be longer
> or have more tracks.
I would like to see an MBONE broadcast of some of the proceedings
since many (most?) people from the North America region won't be
able to attend.  Maybe a SIGWEB meeting could be scheduled for the 
same date and a virtual teleconference panel discussion could happen.

Are others interested in a telepresence?

University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS  66045  USA