WWW Job offering at Spry, Inc.

cwilson@spry.com (Chris Wilson)
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Spry, Inc., a leading provider of network independent internetworking
applications and services, is seeking a person to develop and maintain
World Wide Web server-side applications under the UNIX operating system.
This person would be responsible for:

o Maintaining Spry's WWW server (http://www.spry.com)
o Building scripts, etc. to provide services for our users
o Developing new applications for Web technology, and
o Enhancing the Web server to support them.

This position will require close cooperation with our WWW client development
team and our publishing partners, Free Range Media.

Qualifications for this position include:
o Experience programming networked UNIX applications
o Experience administrating network servers
o Extensive experience with the World Wide Web
o X Windows programming and HTTP protocol experience a plus.

Resumes should be submitted via email to "resume@spry.com".  Questions about
this position can be referred to me (cwilson@spry.com).

-Chris Wilson
 WWW Development Team
 Spry, Inc.