1. File transfer, client->server; 2. Problem with popen in CGI script.

decoux@moulon.inra.fr (ts)
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Subject: 1. File transfer, client->server; 2. Problem with popen in CGI script.
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 I don't run NCSA http, but CERN httpd and I don't know if there is a
difference between this 2 servers.

 The following C source actually work well, with CERN httpd 2.18 and Mosaic
2.4, on a Sun OS 4.1.3

#include <stdio.h>

char *machinename = "moulon";
char *username = "ftp";
char *password = "decoux@moulon.inra.fr";
char *directory = "/pub/www-acedb";
char *filename = "README";

  char *ftpcom;
  FILE *fp;
   printf("Content-type: text/html\r\n\r\n");
   printf("<H1>FTP request:</H1>\n");

   ftpcom  = (char *) malloc(20);  /* allocate string for ftp command */
   sprintf(ftpcom, "ftp -n %s%c", machinename,10);  /* put ftp command in string */
   fp = popen(ftpcom, "w");       /* send ftp command */
   fprintf(fp, "user %s %s%c", username,password, 10);  /* login at remote machine, under ftp */
   fprintf(fp, "cd %s%c", directory, 10); /* go to correct directory */
   fprintf(fp, "get %s /tmp/%s%c", filename, filename, 10); /* get file */
   fprintf(fp, "quit%c", 10); /* quit ftp */
   pclose(fp);  /* close pipe */
   printf("Command:  %s  was executed<p>\n", ftpcom, 10); /* tell client ftp
done */

 If you want to test it, URL is :


Guy Decoux