Objection: Asked And Answered [Was: Forms in HTML? ]

wmperry@indiana.edu (William M. Perry)
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Date: Thu, 5 May 1994 18:06:41 +0200
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From: wmperry@indiana.edu (William M. Perry)
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Subject: Objection: Asked And Answered [Was: Forms in HTML? ]
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Daniel Connolly writes:
>In message <2qae8n$qlq@hpsystem1.informatik.tu-muenchen.de>, Alexander Clausnit
>zer writes:
>>Another question, why isn't it possible to have serveral submit-buttons
>>with different Actions (URLs) in one form,so those actions could use a
>>common input field or an selected field in a list?
>The answer to this and many other questions is, "There's no good technical
>reason why this feature is not present. There has simply been no resource
>put into developing the feature."

   Well, it works in emacs. :)

>You see: WWW is not a product. There is no commercial organization whose
>business it is to write code in responses to customers' whining.  NCSA is
>the closest thing -- try whining directly to them. But unless you're part
>of a market that they have motivation to serve, you can't expect them to
>jump up and down.
>The question you asked has been discussed before. This list is archived
>(http://gummo.stanford.edu/html/hypermail/archives.html).  You are
>expected to familiarize yourself with the material in the archive before
>posting. Just like on USENET: one should ALWAYS (1) read the FAQ
>(http://siva.cshl.org/~boutell/www_faq.html), and (2) count to 10 before

   Is there any way to have the listserv processor mail out a text file to
all new subscribers detailing a few things like this?

>[Sorry if I'm overreacting, but www-talk is an extrememly valuable
>technical forum for me, and when it deteriorates to Mosaic customer
>support, I feel I must do something.]


-Bill P.