Re: Objection: Asked And Answered [Was: Forms in HTML? ]

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Date: Sat, 7 May 1994 22:58:40 +0200
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Subject: Re:  Objection: Asked And Answered [Was: Forms in HTML? ]
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> Alexander Clausnitzer writes (and Daniel Connolly
> ( replies):
> >
> >Another question, why isn't it possible to have serveral submit-buttons
> >with different Actions (URLs) in one form,so those actions could use a
> >common input field or an selected field in a list?
> ...
> You see: WWW is not a product. There is no commercial organization
> whose business it is to write code in responses to customers' whining.
> NCSA is the closest thing -- try whining directly to them. But unless
> you're part of a market that they have motivation to serve, you can't
> expect them to jump up and down.
> ...
> But now, it's becoming something of a product. CERN, NCSA, KU, and
> other institutions are packaging up binaries so folks don't have to
> compile it. Companies are paying administrators to install and support
> it onsite. (perhaps you have a local channel you could deal with...)
> There's even -- look out -- documentation!
> ...
> In any case, to summarize: www-talk is NOT Mosaic customer support.

	All this is true - but it was not so long ago when www-talk
basically *was* Mosaic customer support! If many of us hadn't griped
way back when, you wouldn't be seeing the same Mosaic line of browsers
today (but I'm not saying that we should start griping about it!).
	It was more fun when it was less commercial, but I suppose
this is the unfortunate, perhaps realistic evolution of things... *sigh*

	-- Kevin

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