Re: beyond IMAGEMAP (Joe Germuska)
Date: Tue, 10 May 1994 16:37:07 +0200
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From: (Joe Germuska)
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Subject: Re: beyond IMAGEMAP
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> However we are finding that for many applications we need more
> than a simple point location on the image. We need the user to be able to
> define a rectangle on the map image (click, hold, drag, release).
> As I understand it, this operation is not currently supported by IMAGEMAP.
> Are there any plans to introduce this feature or can can anyone see other
> ways around this lack?

I observed this problem a few months back, and my suggestion was to
put more muscle into clients, sending them the map configuration file
so that they could highlight hotspots and give better feedback
(dragging would be nice too; I hadn't thought of that one...)

Anyway, one of my co-workers brought back a piece of software from
GopherCon called Blue Skies, which has some nice features.  It follows
this model of leaving the handling of map clicks up to the client
instead of the server.  It uses weather maps for its demonstrations.  

Currently, the only available client is for macintosh.  Get it at:

It would be nice to see this type of functionality make it over to the
web...  (look out, those gopher people are catching up!!!! :-)


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