ANN: Best of the Web '94 open for Voting!

"Brandon S. Plewe" <>
Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 17:29:16 +0200
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From: "Brandon S. Plewe" <>
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Subject: ANN: Best of the Web '94 open for Voting!
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Well, here we go!  The Best of the Web '94 is now open for your vote!  Again, the
main URL is:
the voting page is:

So please stop sending nominations and suggestions (typo corrections are more than

In deference for all those of you who have "lesser" browsers :-), the voting does
not require forms (I use the server log to register votes).  Please be careful as
you select the vote registration links--I'd rather not have someone win just because
of a bunch of stray mouse clicks.

The voting will go from today until 5:00pm EST May 24.  I can't go any later, because
I wouldn't be able to get them done in time for the Conference.

One passionate plea...please take time to peruse the sites, and be thoughtful as you 
vote.  Don't automatically vote for the ones you've seen before; the purpose of this
whole thing is to make us aware of some of the unheralded work going on out there.  If
you look at everything, and the popular stuff is the best, feel free to vote for it.

Last thing:  the Browsers page is not open for voting yet, as I am still a bit short
on information.  I would appreciate feature lists and screenshots (preferably from the
developers themselves) of the following:
- tkWWW
- ViolaWWW
- the original Next Browser
- OmniWeb for Next

Thanks for your participation, and have fun!

Brandon Plewe