Browser/Server Evaluation Project

Brandon Plewe <>
Date: Mon, 16 May 1994 19:34:04 +0200
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From: Brandon Plewe <>
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Subject: Browser/Server Evaluation Project
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I have decided to drop the Best Browser category from the Best of the Web for
a number of reasons, among them: popularity vs. quality issues, variance
between platforms, lack of information, large number of competitive browsers,

Instead, I think it would be valuable for one of us (I could be involved, but
don't have the time to spearhead it) to do a comprehensive comparison of the
WWW Browsers out there (PD and Commercial).  This could be a central site for
people looking for one, or wondering what the most current version is and
where to get it.

More than a simple compendium like the rest we see out there (i.e. the WWW FAQ),
this would have a detailed head-to-head comparison of features, with screenshots
to show interfaces and such.  The Mosaic debate last week on c.i.www (which is
becoming something of a cesspool) shows how ignorant the larger www community
is about what browsers are available and what they do.

Would anyone like to work with me on this?

Brandon Plewe