Re: Browser/Server Evaluation Project

Ton Verschuren <>
Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 12:54:35 +0200
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From: Ton Verschuren <>
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Subject: Re: Browser/Server Evaluation Project
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==> From: Brandon Plewe

> Instead, I think it would be valuable for one of us (I could be involved, but
> don't have the time to spearhead it) to do a comprehensive comparison of the
> WWW Browsers out there (PD and Commercial).  This could be a central site for
> people looking for one, or wondering what the most current version is and
> where to get it.
> Would anyone like to work with me on this?

There's been already some effort going on in this area, viz. on the NIR
list ( and the UNITE list (;
subscribe through In particular, there are some
evaluations of WWW browsers available in the UNITE archive
<URL:gopher://>. You may even
search the unite archive at

I guess you'll find a willing audience for more evaluations there.

Ton Verschuren - Network Development - SURFnet bv