Re: Style Sheets for HTML

Sarr Blumson <>
Date: Tue, 24 May 1994 21:22:08 +0200
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Subject: Re: Style Sheets for HTML 
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Rob Raisch says:
  <sigh> Yes, stylesheets are VERY VERY important to the future of the web 
  for publishing.  Tools like Mosaic are only really useful to the 
  end-user.  They support few of the requirements a publisher looks for in a 
  publishing platform.
  Having talked to many, many publishers, I can tell you that they are 
  excited about tools like Mosaic until they resize the window -- thus 
  completely reformatting the document -- or until I show them how trivial it 
  is for the consumer to change the font.
I am visually handicapped.  One of the things that makes my life a little more 
difficult is publishers' fondness for making things a little prettier by doing 
things like printing grey text on slightly lighter grey backgrounds (I find 
much of what's printed in Wired illegible, for example).  One of the ways that 
WWW viewers make my life easier is exactly by allowing me to play with fonts 
and colors so I can read more comfortably.

Stop talking to publishers.  Talk to readers.  Tell the publishers what the 
readers said.

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