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Bert Bos <bert@let.rug.nl> writes:

> I agree that installing sgmls is not an option for most people, except
> the few that know enough about SGML. But the suggestion by somebody
> that browsers do not ignore markup errors, but report them (in a
> friendly way, of course), could be an alternative. In my "vision" of
> the future many, if not most documents will be multi-purpose, and that
> means that people will simply have to write (correct) SGML.

I second that.. incorrect HTML is a big problem when you want to use
a native HTML editor, since it has to parse it and convert it into
something that makes sense. Methinks that most people are not even
aware of the fact that they write incorrect HTML - they use a browser
like Mosaic to "validate" their documents, and if they look ok, they
assume that the HTML is correct. Which is not the case. :-(

Of course, when using a browser to access information on the web, nobody
wants to see tons of error messages, but something like an optional
"show HTML parse error messages" would be of great help for HTML authors,
especially the newbies.

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