SGMLS and HTML+ (Was Re: Toward Closure on HTML)

Paul "S." Wain <>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 1994 16:21:19 --100
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Subject: SGMLS and HTML+ (Was Re: Toward Closure on HTML)
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This is sort of in follow up to Bert's email about using sgmls to verify
HTML/HTML+, which I deleted earlier today, and now wish I hadnt since it
probably had the answer to what I wanted... but anyway here goes. 

Okay, I did a bit of digging with Archie just now and pulled down
(*drum*roll*) sgmls and then grabbed the htmlplus.dtd.txt from Dave
Raggett's FTP site (the one dated 5th April 1994). So I plugged the two
together and issued the command:

	sgmls ~/sgmls/DTD/htmlplus.dtd.txt ~/public_html/test.html

Anyway after deleting the lines in the DTD (around lines number 296 to
310) that deal with the character sets, I am still down to one or three
errors that I cant seem to place. So here they are. First of all the
HTML that I am using. Note that it isnt a full document and only just a
few lines:

This is a HTML+ test file!
This is some text

So when I run this through sgmls using the above command I get:

-tkWWW guide at Brunel ... or yet another fine mess!
sgmls: SGML error at /user/ccsr/ccsrpsw/public_html/test.html, line 7 at
       Out-of-context H1 start-tag ended HTMLPLUS document element (and

Assuming that all the AVERSION, ACHARSET, AID implied stuff is okay
(ideas?) why does sgmls refuse to parse the <H1> tag? (or any tag in the
body to be exact, I tried <EM B>, <BR>, etc). Failing that I even tried

this is some text

instead of the bit inside the <BODY></BODY> tags above, and it barfed
on that... and from how I read the DTD plain text (#PCDATA) is a valid
content of a pair of <BODY> tags...

So where am I going wrong? 

Thanks in advance etc etc :)


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