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Hi all,

I'm writing a index-tool for indexing the whole Uni-Ffm-WWW-space. That
means indexing several servers. Additional I want to generate meta-info
about the pages to feed it to my site.idx file for ALIWEB. The maintainers
of the servers should add the <meta tags> with information about the files,
wether the file should be announced in ALIWEB or not , and so on. I remeber
a thread some weeks ago about the <META> - tag and some proposals.

So, are there some standards meantime? Is there anybody who has developed
something in this direction I can use too?


Jens Kurlanda 	  (Raum:014b)			J.W.Goethe Universitaet Frakfurt
Tel:069 798 8378				Robert-Mayer-Strasse 11-15
Email: kurlanda@rbi.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de D-60054 Frankfurt (Germany)
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