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Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 17:06:10 +0200
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Subject: Re: meta information 
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Jens Kurlanda ( wrote

> I'm writing a index-tool for indexing the whole Uni-Ffm-WWW-space.
> That means indexing several servers. Additional I want to generate
> meta-info about the pages to feed it to my site.idx file for ALIWEB.
> The maintainers of the servers should add the <meta tags> with
> information about the files, wether the file should be announced in
> ALIWEB or not , and so on. 

You could use the HTML+ element "META". Example:
 <meta name="keywords" value="image,compression,multimedia">
 <meta name="description" value="Hierachical Compression of
  5-D Image with 1-16 bpp">
Remember, META is a header element, don't put it in the body.

Maybe the ICE indexer could be of help - we'll do ALIWEB data
gathering real soon now (TM). Check out:

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