Re: www linemode browser changes (tweaks really)

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 17:51:29 +0200
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From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <>
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Subject: Re: www linemode browser changes (tweaks really)
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Reply to Tony Sanders:

>Below is a replacement LineMode/Implementation/DefaultStyles.c that is a
>little bit more "friendly" looking (at least to my eyes).  Maybe you'll
>like it better also, maybe not.
>I would really like to do some more hacking on the output but alas, I
>haven't the time right now.  Just in case anyone is interested, here are
>a couple of suggestions for formatting the output a little nicer still:
>Headers could look something like this:
>Header Level2
>Header Level3
>And lists should have bullets:
>    Some text leading into the paragraph
>      * Item1
>      * Item2, this item is
>	very long
>      * Item3
>    More text in next para.

Well, I have just put it in and showed it to Tim...

Hmmm I guess that what I have learned is that taste is difficult to discuss  

I think the solution is to put in a new command line option saying 

	- userinterface <classic> | <modern>
Now, I know somebody will reply - why not

	- userinterface non-existant

but then I will just start to talk about the unknown powers of the Line Mode  
Browser ;-)