Re: www linemode browser changes (tweaks really)

Tony Sanders <sanders@BSDI.COM>
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 18:01:56 +0200
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From: Tony Sanders <sanders@BSDI.COM>
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Subject: Re: www linemode browser changes (tweaks really) 
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Henrik Frystyk Nielsen writes:
> Reply to Tony Sanders:
> >Below is a replacement LineMode/Implementation/DefaultStyles.c that is a
> >little bit more "friendly" looking (at least to my eyes).  Maybe you'll
> >like it better also, maybe not.

> Well, I have just put it in and showed it to Tim...
Thanks!  I wasn't expecting anything but I'm glad to hear you are
willing to tweak it.  Please send me the patches if you don't mind.

> I think the solution is to put in a new command line option saying 
> 	- userinterface <classic> | <modern>
Or as one person suggested to me in private mail, you could write a
textual version of the style information and parse it in.  So then
you would have:
	-style {classic|modern|gobblefork}
Which would simply point to files (perhaps defaulting to a standard location
and perhaps having a WWW_STYLE_PATH, etc etc).  And then users could easily
edit the style to their taste.

And *THEN* we could start putting these in our documents:
	<LINK REV="WWWStyle" HREF="...">
and the WWW linemode browser could load that specific style for that
specific document (allowing for the user to override them of course).
And then you could write a style editor, and then we could standardize
it, and then... Oopps, sorry, I got a little carried away.

Just making headers and lists a little prettier will make me happy :-)