CERN httpd 3.0pre6 available (Ari Luotonen)
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 1994 16:19:03 +0200
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Subject: CERN httpd 3.0pre6 available
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  CERN httpd is a generic hypertext server which can be used as a
  regular HTTP server running typically on port 80 to serve hypertext
  and other documents, and also as a proxy -- a server on a firewall
  machine -- that provides access for people inside a firewall to the
  outside world.  When running as proxy httpd may be configured to
  do caching of documents resulting in faster response times and lower
  impact on the network traffic to the outside world.

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CERN httpd 3.0pre6 is available, source code:

This package includes EVERYTHING, so don't ftp the libwww.
Precompiled binaries are supplied for Sun4, Solaris, HP, NeXT,
Decstation Ultrix and DEC OSF/1 in:

Sun4 binary is compiled with direct WAIS support.

For Sun4 there is also a cern_httpd_3.0pre6-lresolv.tar.Z which
contains an httpd linked with the -lresolv option.

Online docs:

Note that Ari is now leaving CERN so please, please, direct questions to:

or use the mailing list about proxy problems.
To subscribe send the message

	subscribe www-proxy Your Name

Note that this mailing list is really meant for technical discussion
and not user support, so send dummy questions to comp.infosystems.www
newsgroup :-)).

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                  CERN HTTPD 3.0 PRERELEASE NOTES 6
3.0 Prerelease 6
     * Distribution now contains the ICE indexing package by Christian
     * DirAddHref directive by Guenther Fisher.
     * Fixed the SIGPIPE bug with POST which caused CGI scripts to exit
       prematurely without a reason.
     * Fixed the bug that prevented uid and gid from being set correctly
       when they were specified in the inlined protection setup (external
       file worked fine).
     * Fixed the stupid problem with gc_info file not being initialized
       with certain gc's.
     * SCO support by Brian King (thank you!).
     * A-umlaut problem with FTP README files fixed.
     * Fixed the bug with conditional GET from the client causing a
       closed connection when there was no cache file on the proxy for it
       and the remote server sent "Not modified".
     * Fixed the bug with proxy URL re-escaping when the original
       hostname was in upper-case.
     * ~ and : are no longer escaped in automatic redirections.
     * Fixed the bug that httpd would try to bind to port in -gc_only
     * ParentUserId and ParentGroupId to set the uid and gid of the
       parent process right after binding to port (some people complained
       that setuid() is slow on certain systems).
       If CacheLastModifiedFactor is Off then CacheDefaultExpiry is used
       instead of zero LM factor.

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