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Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 10:23:32 +0200
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Whoah.. who woulda thought you could get flamed for quoting Dave Raggett..
I mean _that_ Dave Raggett folks! :-))

But then, it was on march 16 when he suggested "META" for storing meta
information on HTML documents:
> Before you start inventing new elements, consider the HTML+ META
> element. This was added as a general solution to adding meta
> information to HTML documents. This scheme allows wobots to scan
> this information efficiently using the HTTP HEAD method.
and now it's already june.. I guess that the WWW world just moves
pretty fast. However, IMVHO Jens' question deserves an answer, and
since Mr. Connolly seems to be more competent in this area, perhaps
he could elaborate on the One True Way Of Adding Meta Information.

Seriously, this is important. The only way to actually get people
to add such information (which is necessary for all kinds of local
and global indexes) is have editors provide a special field for
filling it in. But this requires that a standard has to be agreed
on by the time real WYSIWYG editing tools arrive - and this is
gonna be pretty soon... :-)))

Now where's that asbestos suit...

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