Re: Mosaic version 2.0

"Daniel W. Connolly" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 1994 19:18:02 +0200
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From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>
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Subject: Re: Mosaic version 2.0 
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In message <>, wri
>	Hi,
>	I'm a beginner into NCSA Mosaic for X 2.0!
>	I've built and installed Mosaic. right.
>	I launch the gui, and an error occurs:

First, I suggest you redirect your query to, as
per the documentation:


>Problems or Comments
>If you have problems or comments concerning NCSA Mosaic, please first
>read the documentation and the FAQ list; if they don't answer your
>question or resolve your complaint, send your comments to
> (You can also use the Mail Developers option
>under the Help menu.)

Second, might I ask what led you to believe that www-talk was an
appropriate forum for your question? You are not the first to post
"Mosaic customer support" questions to www-talk (though I wouldn't
mind if you were the last ;-)

I'm curious to know what pieces of information out there lead folks to
believe that when they can't get Mosaic installed and working
properly, they should send mail to www-talk! I'd like to get such
documents revised to point to the Mosaic support forums.


p.s. How'd I do this time, guys? I think I kept my cool pretty good.

p.p.s To the www-talk list maintainers, and anybody who has a pointer
to www-talk: could we PLEASE make this info about who to contact for
Mosaic installation issues part of the standard blurb returned from
subscription requests?