Re[2]: Mosaic version 2.0
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 1994 16:56:03 +0200
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Subject: Re[2]: Mosaic version 2.0
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> Subject: Re: Mosaic version 2.0
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> Date:    6/9/94 2:18 PM

On June 9, wrote in reply to 
> Second, might I ask what led you to believe that www-talk was an
> appropriate forum for your question? You are not the first to post 
> "Mosaic customer support" questions to www-talk (though I wouldn't 
> mind if you were the last ;-)
> I'm curious to know what pieces of information out there lead folks 
> to believe that when they can't get Mosaic installed and working
> properly, they should send mail to www-talk! I'd like to get such
> documents revised to point to the Mosaic support forums.
> Dan
> p.s. How'd I do this time, guys? I think I kept my cool pretty good.
> p.p.s To the www-talk list maintainers, and anybody who has a
> pointer to www-talk: could we PLEASE make this info about who to
> contact for Mosaic installation issues part of the standard blurb
> returned from subscription requests?

  I understand and appreciate your viewpoint (out of scope questions   
  seem to be a problem on every list I subscribe to). I believe your   
  point has been raised on this list several times in the last couple  
  of weeks. For those that missed it, the comp.infosystems.www news-   
  group was mentioned as a good place to start.

  However, since I don't have the time, manpower or ???? to get news   
  up and going I would like to know if there is any other (non news)   
  forum for people new to, and / or trying to install, Mosaic ??

  Thanks / greg /