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Dan Hinckley <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 1994 16:48:58 +0200
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It depends on how it is organized; if discussions (such as this one) 
formed a clear or loosely connected taxonomy, an editor in the future 
could lop off the branch. A future user/researcher might get an error 
message: "Discussion branch terminated/archived".

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On Thu, 9 Jun 1994, Keith Shafer wrote:

> Tony Sanders writes:
> > Terry Allen writes:
> > > I agree, the idea is good, but the implementation is too clumsy
> > > to be practical if we can use email instead.
> >
> > It is a little bit harder to use but what is going to happen when we have
> > 1500 email messages on this topic?  Who is going to organize all the
> > thoughts so that we could ever hope to go back over it all and apply the
> > information over the long term. 
> I have to wonder why we would ever really want to 
> archive 1500 email messages on a single topic - 
> sociological studies aside.  It's kind of like 
> recording all the conversations at the coffee pot.  
> What happens when there are 1500 TOPICS?  
> I know, I know, its nice to be able to search the
> old stuff, but we don't try to save every piece
> of information we come in contact with.  
> At some point, you hope that information gets filtered
> and condensed - not just organized and archived.  So, 
> how does one add this to functionality to a system like WIT?  
> Organization is a very important first step towards
> filtering.  But, I doubt that anyone will really
> want to read THIS EMAIL message ten years from now,
> even if it's part of a system like WIT:)  So, how
> would it get filtered out?
> Keith.
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