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At  3:57 PM 6/9/94 +0200, Timothy Hunt wrote:
>Does anyone else have problems with receiving replies to
>some posts before receiving the original posts?  It can be
>very confusing at times!

I have a solution...

I guess this is as good a time as any to reveal that I've been converting
this list (and others related to the Web, libraries, Macs, Bosnia and more,
see list below) to HTML on one of my servers.  You can browse them by the
subject, date or sender fields.  I've had full-text search via gopher, but
it's not up right now.  I'm waiting for a cgi link from MacHTTP to
AppleSearch that Chuck Shotten is working on, though I have a beta of
another search engine that I'm also going to try.

The HTML-ized list is somewhat threaded -- there are links to all replies
at the bottom of the parent message.  Some of the older message threading
might still have the wrong message as the parent; I wasn't parsing the
offset time properly.  It italicizes quoted text (usually) and makes URLs
in message text into HREFs, although there are still occasional bugs in
detecting the end of the URL.  Text wrap, as usual in e-mail, is a
nightmare, but it seems fairly good now.

Further steps will be to actually find the quoted text in the parent and
thus create real threading, archive the messsages as complete threads in
HTML with full-text search, and then, at last, my real objective, which is
to start working on some collaborative filtering tools and such.

<LI><A HREF="">My home page</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Mac-HTTP</A> (Mac server)
<LI><A HREF="">Web4Lib</A> (Web for libraries)
<LI><A HREF="">WWW-talk</A> (this list)
<LI><A HREF="">WWW-html</A> (that list)
<LI><A HREF="">MacScript</A> (Mac scripting)
<LI><A HREF="">Free Social Matrix</A>
(collaborative filtering)
 And if you'd like to keep up with the situation in Bosnia and my Sarajevo
Library project... try
<A HREF="">Sarajevo Library project
info</A>. It has the BosNet mailing list on it right now. I'll be adding
more to it soon.

And one of these days I'll persuade my service provider to propogate my


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