Re: SGMLS and HTML+ (Was Re: Toward Closure on HTML)

Paul "S." Wain <>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 16:51:10 --100
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From: Paul "S." Wain <>
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Subject: Re: SGMLS and HTML+ (Was Re: Toward Closure on HTML)
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@ >> Dave Raggett writes:
@ >> > My HTML+ browser does all this and will be on show at WWW'94.
@ >> Instead of teasing us for months on end, why not just release some
@ >> alpha binaries?
@ Yes...  Pretty please.  We can't all travel to WWW'94 and to wait until
@ the end of May is pure torture!

Hrm, just thinking aloud here (and adding my voice to the call for a
prerelease since I took a look at the .gif file and it looks dead

Since you have the HTML spec fully implemented Dave, and you say it
validates HTML etc why not release. After all:

a) the end of May is a long way off in WWW terms. We may be on HTML+++
then ( :) for the humoursly impared :) )

b) Since we all want HTML+ to evolve now that HTML is being ``officially''
laid down, we do need some sort of full HTML browser?

c) If you have something that good, why hold it back - and if you dont
know what I mean check out the screen shot :)

But seriously Dave, please please please do atleast a statically
compiled binary prerelease in the next few days... we all want to know
what we can expect in the future... cos it sure looks good...


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