Re: Come 'n Get it: A DTD for current practice in HTML
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Subject: Re: Come 'n Get it: A DTD for current practice in HTML 
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>Anyway... What I've created here matches NCSA Mosaic for X version 2.2
>pretty well. I'd be willing to attach NCSA's "A Beginner's Guide to
>HTML" (aka
> and
>submit it as an informational RFC. Or if the NCSA pubs folks would
>like to write an HTML reference, I'm sure that would go over well.

  Thanks for the work...   I have been following this whole thread
and wondering what was going to become of HTML.
  I cut my HTML teeth by using the above primer and was doing very well
at it.  That is, until I joined this fine group ;-)
  No one ever told me that I should "validate" my documents with
some SGML validator.  We must remember that the people on this list
constitute the elite of WWW and HTML.  Expecting all HTML authors
to now go out and gather these tools AND make them write conforming
*SGML* documents seems unrealistic.

  If you are going to place added "requirements" on people, please:
	- bundle all of the tools together (sgmls, the dtd, etc)
	- provide binaries (i.e. like X Mosaic)
	- update the primers
	- provide lots of examples of conforming documents
	and finally...
	- place them in a well known place

Remember, until *affordable* tools are available, we pretty much have
to write our documents by hand.


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