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Dan Hinckley <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 21:32:57 +0200
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On Mon, 13 Jun 1994, Dave Raggett wrote:

> Dan Hinckley writes:
> > I am as frustrated by the lack of an effective tool for managing online
> > conferences such as this.  Threaded news is a giant serial tube, and email
> > is cacaphony.
> I was wondering if the mailto URL could be adapted to support this.

support what, the serial tube or the cacaphony?

> If the mailto link could specify the email headers to use, then the
> email could be processed automatically, based on these headers, and
> slotted into the hypertext of the discussion.
> If this can't be done now, then at least it could go into the HTML 3
> specification. What do people think?

Unless I'm way behind here (which is entirely possible) it seems as 
though we are all discussing implementations, without a clear 
understanding of the requirements. I think Dave has a good idea for 
implementing a quick & dirty index on topics, but what are we missing?

Does anyone think it a good idea to come up with a requirements 
document/RFC? Here goes .. In my voluminous spare time IF no one else is 
already working on such a project, I will volunteer to compile a list of 
requirements, so our implementation ideas can be considered in context.

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