freewais and WWWWais (Achim Jung)
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 22:07:23 +0200
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From: (Achim Jung)
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Subject: freewais and WWWWais
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Organization: Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany

Last week I tried to install WWWWais on
Compilation and installation worked fine ... BUT:

	freewais creates corrupt index-files :-(((

(Happens on version 0.202 und 0.3 ! (with HP-UX 9.01))

The indexing was done by

 	find $top_dir/* -name "*.html" -print | xargs \
 	waisindex -d $index -a -t URL $top_dir $top_url 

whereas the vars are set to:

 	top_dir 	document-root
 	top_url 	URL zum document-root
 	index		Name des Index

The first waisindex was called by "-export" rathen than "-a". 
(This will overwrite an existing index.)

>From the beginning of indexing this warning appears:
 	Warning: couldn't open /usr/proj/infosys/wais-db/html.syn - translation disabled
(Here: $index = /usr/proj/infosys/wais-db/html )
The created index only works for very few words. In most cases freewais doesn`t find
any hits or dumps core :-(

Now I`ve done this before indexing:
 	touch /usr/proj/infosys/wais-db/html.syn
After some time of indexing (does not depent on the order of the indexed files) this
error-message appears:
 	 100: Total word count for dictionary is: 15929
 	  -1: total_word_count not found in dictionary. This is either an error, or the database is old. 0 out of 1

Needless to say that freewais sucks like above :-(

Can anybodey tell me what I`ve done wrong???
I`m using freewais in some other cases where it works fine ...

Ciao, Achim
Achim Jung        IRC: Flops