Re: WWW Security mailing list

Nick Arnett (
Fri, 22 Jul 1994 17:48:22 +0200

At 12:09 PM 7/22/94 +0200, Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit wrote:

>These new mailing lists - are they archived anywhere? Good thing about
>is that you can look back for similar threads. Or find something that didn't
>interest you at the time, but does now.

I'm going to add www-security to my hypermail-like archive. I think I'm
also going to create a set of aliases to the top-level menus for the list
archives, so that they have somewhat more meaningful filenames than the
machine-generated numeric ones I'm using.

The home page for the server is <>. The
Web-related list menu page is <>.
Aliases don't seem to be working this morning. Maybe I'm not awake yet;
when I figure out why they're returning blank pages, I'll post the aliases


P.S. Just read Dan Connolly's message. Six months?! I'm keeping four
weeks' worth in the menus; the rest are accessible only via full-text
search. I'm not sure how many subject headings would appear in a six-month
menu, but it's quite a lot. However, I have a strategy that will help make
more accessible. Using relevance-ranking and human (me) oversight, I'm
working on a gizmo that will sort messages into "real" subject headings, a
hierarchical outline of the subjects discussed on the various lists that
I'm archiving. There will probably be some choices about which lists to
include, since this will be a cross-list outline. I'll have more than just
messages, too, it'll include documents that relate, tool and product
profiles, etc. In other words, I'm working on packaging Web-related
information for navigability. Of course, no promises when any of these
features will arrive... ;-)

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