Re: Searchable Web info (was Finding CGI spec...)

Nick Arnett (
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 23:39:06 +0100

At 10:34 AM 1/9/95, CyberWeb wrote:

> Nice! I tried "www <and> systems <and> engineering" (self-serving
> yet again) and was mildly surprised that documents with those words
> in the title, and the body, didn't score higher than docs with those
> words only in the body.

At the moment, we're not weighting the document zones (which can be any
named element in HTML or SGML), although we have that capability. It's in
the server; the indexer is lagging slightly behind.

I'm starting to believe that "Everything is under construction" should be
the standard Web signature -- and will be for quite a while, perhaps
forever... ;-)