Supplier Group Nine Document Index

Group Members:

  • Hugh Arai -- Document Coordinator
  • Sung Chan
  • Ken Chuong
  • Howell Cobb
  • Mike Courage -- Editor
  • Joe Dinh
  • Bryan Hunt >-- Project Leader
  • Doug Kaye
  • Pat Michael
  • Colin Poon Tip
  • Doug Thornborough -- Chief Programmer
  • Barb Walrond
  • A Photo of Supplier Group Nine.
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    Document List

    Informal Requirements Specification from the Customer Group
    Functional Specification and Management Plan- Jan 25
    - The Specification and Management Plan was drawn up prior to the brief January 23 meeting between project nine supplier and customer groups.
    Annotated Functional Specification From the Customer Group
    Overall Design Document - Feb 12
    Customer Group Nine's comments on our Design document
    Detailed Design document (Test Plan) - Mar 5
    User Manual -Mar 14
    Customer Group Nine's comments on our User Manual
    Our Final Project Evaluation