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MOOtronix Insdustries Ltd.

We at Dairy-Air have received and reviewed the early draft of the user manual for the UDDERS system. We really appreciated the effort put out by integrating the text with the screen shots. The tutorial was easy to understand and follow, and was enriched by these pictures. The document background, although nice to view, occasionally made reading the text difficult.

After reading the user manual, we were still unclear as to how logging into the system would be accomplished. Does access to each section (as outlined in the user manual) require a separate login procedure, or is login required only once at the startup of the system?

As many differing types of people will be using this user manual every day, we feel that an improved grammatical style would greatly ease the learning and use of the system. As this manual is further developed, we feel that an improved grammatical style will follow naturally.

We look forward to your first demonstration of this great system.

Dairy-Air Airlines