Speaker Summaries for CPSC 679

Evaluation of various speakers from the Viewpoint of Norman's Twelve Issues for Cognitive Science

The following page contains links to commentaries on how various speakers addressed the issues discussed in Donald A. Norman's paper "Twelve Issues for Cognitive Science", 1980. Also included are some facts about the speakers.


Links to Commentaries

  • William Buxton
  • Lee Chen
  • Jerome Durlak
  • William Melody
  • Elizabeth Ostiguy

    Some Facts about the Speakers

    • Lee Chen's, academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in both Psychology and Computer Science. This reflects his interests in the two disciplines and in their combination. He completed his Masters of Science in Computer Science, in August, 1993, studying social and psychological processes in a network environment (i.e., World Wide Web, Internet, LAN, etc.). Lee is currently working on his PhD. in Computer Science at the University of Calgary.

    • Jerome Durlak, Associate Director of CulTech, Research Director of Intercom Ontario, and Professor of Mass Communications at York University. He has written extensively on interactive media, communication networks, new communication technologies, machine mediated learning, computer gaming and simulation, distance learningand urban design.

    • William Melody, founding director of the Centre for International Research on Communication and Information Technologies (CIRCIT) in Melbourne, Australia. CIRCIT is an interdisciplinary policy research centre which examines the economic and social implications of new communication and information technologies.

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