Re: unordered lists in HTML2.0 (Peter Flynn)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 94 04:37:24 EDT
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From: (Peter Flynn)
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Subject: Re: unordered lists in HTML2.0
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> >  This would be easier to implement if we
> >  used an attribute to LI which held the alternate bullet character,
> >  or null ("") if no bullet/number was required. 
> Granted, but that could be left to HTML 3.0 - we're dealing with current
> practice and "standard behavior", and there is no such thing as alternate
> bullet character or listing set (roman, all caps, etc) today. Therefore,
> the only alternative is to eliminate the requirement of <LI> in lists.

But HTML2 is still a future: "current practice" is HTML, as Tim has
reminded me on many occasions. I see no reason why changes cannot be 
made to HTML2 - or has someone cast it in concrete while I wasn't

> >  My own gripe is the enforcement of a <p> within each <li> which
> >  seems to me to be wholly redundant...
> We may be looking at different DTDs - mine says:

We were. My fault.