Re: unordered lists in HTML2.0

Tim Berners-Lee <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 94 07:30:36 EDT
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From: Tim Berners-Lee <>
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Subject: Re: unordered lists in HTML2.0
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|> Granted, but that could be left to HTML 3.0 - we're dealing with current
|> practice and "standard behavior"

|But HTML2 is still a future: "current practice" is HTML, as Tim has
|reminded me on many occasions. 

Sorry, Peter, if I've confused you.
 "current practice" is HTML, sure, which has been
divided into two levels, level 1 being current practice without forms,
level 2 with forms.

So Mosaic and Lynx and MacWeb are level 2 compliant,
the line mode browser is level 1 compliant.

I see no reason why changes cannot be 

|made to HTML2 - or has someone cast it in concrete while I wasn't

The thing we were at one time calling HTML2 is now called HTMLPlus.
Iff it can be made backward compatible it'll be HTML level 3,
otherwise it will be HTMLplus level 3.