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Eric W. Sink (
Wed, 16 Nov 94 13:06:49 EST

You can grab the PostScript version from:

I hope this document addresses most everything. There is a list of
possible things left TODO below.

Here is Eric Schieler's change log:

Changes made to the Oct 13 version (Postscript)

Section 2.

References to levels were removed from the overview. Levels
are discussed in section 3.

Section 2.6

"post" replaced by "POST"

Section 3.2 (Nov 16 release)

New section

Section 3.4.1

"<P>This is a paragraph" was removed from example. Not
appropriate for context.

The "Technically, the start and end tags..." note was
moved to the end of 3.4.

Section 3.4.2

"...consist of a letter followed by up to 72 ...
changed to
"...consist of a letter followed by up to 71 ...

Section 3.4.4

is now section 3.2

Section 3.5.5 (nextid)


Section 3.6.3

Last two paragraphs were revised and moved to beginning of

"URNs allow a document to be recognized if duplicate copies
are found. This prevents a client implementation from
picking up a copy of something it already has." was removed
from the URN description.

REL and REV attributes are standard.

Section 3.7 (character elements)


Section 3.8.3 (DFN)

Removed. Already in 5.1.2 as proposed.

Section 3.8.7 (strike)

Removed. Already in 5.1.4 as proposed.

Section 3.9.2 (italic)

(or slanted if italic unavailable) was replaced by "where
available, otherwise alternative mapping is allowed".

Section 3.10 (alt attribute)

The description of ALT attribute now requires using alt text
whenever graphics can not be rendered.

Section 3.11.1 (DL)

First paragraph revised.

First sentence in fourth paragraph ("The DT and DD elements
should appear in pairs.") was removed.

Sixth paragraph:

...attribute, HTML leaves ...

was changed to

...attribute, the HTML client may leave

Last paragraph on page 31 removed.

The opening list tag must be DL COMPACT. It
must be immediately followed by the first <DT> tag.

was changed to:

If using the compact attribute, the opening list tag must be
<DL COMPACT>, which must be immediately followed by the
first <DT> tag.

Section 3.12.2 (pre)

First bullet item revised.

Section 3.12.5 (Meta)

Now section 3.5.7; in section 3.5 The Head Element and Related Elements)

<META EXPIRES HTTP-EQUIV="Expires">Tue, 04 Dec 1993 21:29:02
was replaced by
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Expires" CONTENT="Tue, 04 Dec 1993 21:29:02 GMT">

Section 3.13.1:

"post" changed to "POST"

<P ALIGN=CENTER> replaced by <P>

In form example: "type=int" was replaced by "type=text"

Section 3.13.6 (Select)

Name and Size attributes added

Section 3.14.2

Second bullet item removed from Carriage Return description.

Section 3.14.4

New section

Section 3.15.1

Glyphs added

Section 3.15.2

Duplicate entry (atilde) was removed

Section 3.15.3, Numerical Character References

Missing "#" character was added to character codes.

Section 3.15.2 and 3.15.3

Glyphs added to Postscript version.

Section 5.1.1

REL and REV attribute were moved to the standard

Section 5.2.4

Second bullet item revised.

Section 6.1.1 heading

SGML Open Style Entity Catalog for HTML

was changed to

Sample SGML Open Style Entity Catalog for HTML

Section 6

Changes are documented at

Section 8

Added definitions for "DTD" and "document instance".

Miscellaneous changes:

Several cross-reference links were added. Section numbers
were used to allow cross-referencing in ASCII version.

Editing comments by (posted Mon, 24 Oct 94
16:09:02 EDT) were incorporated.

WWW browser, WWW application, HTML browser, HTML viewer,
rendering software, browser, HTML viewer, parser,
and presentation system were replaced by HTML client.

Character-level formatting in postscript document is
retained in HTML version.

Product names were removed from specification unless

Left to do

ICADD additions to HTML DTD

Expand REL and REV descriptions

Add examples for each element

Update tables in previous PS version; unless overview
without tables is sufficient

Add compact attribute to UL, OL, MENU, and DIR

Include glyphs in HTML version

Fix conversion of PRE text examples in HTML version

Add explanations, in addition to examples, to elements in
chapter 2 (overview)

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