Re: PCP and training with groups

Fay Fransella (
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 06:45:02 -0500

The reference to Neimeyer and Neimeyer (eds.) is 1987 "Personal Construct
Therapy Casebook" new York: Springer. In that there is a section on "Group
therapy" with chapters by Alexander on group treatment of incest; Button,
on an eating disorders group and Llewellyn and Dunnett on the use of
personal cosntruct theory in groups.

There is also the work of Al Landfield in "Interpersonal Transaction" (IT)
groups (Landfield & Rivers, 1975, in Psychotherapy: theory, research and
practice; vol 12, 366-74). That has been elaborated by Bob Neimeyer in 1988
in the INternational Journal of Personal Construct Psychology, vol.1,
181-190 called "Clinical guidelines for conducting interpersonal
transaction groups"

There is, of course, Kelly himself in vol 2.

Hope that helps.

Fay (Fransella)