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Sat, 02 Jan 1999 12:01:43 -0500


Padraig O'Morain wrote:

> Hi,
> My interest in PCT is in terms of its application to counselling. How
> do list members use PCT to bring about change in counselling? For
> instance with a construct which seems to be negative at each pole,
> such as," fears they'll think I'm foolish - fears they'll think I let
> them down" would you discuss the evidence for each statement or talk
> about what it might be like to put in a positive pole such as
> changing the above to:
> "fears they'll think I'm foolish - hopes they'll think I'm helpful"?
> Any thoughts anyone may have on this would be most
> welcome.

Instead of discussing the available evidence or trying to reframe the
fears in a more positive way, I would first take a look at the
superordinate constructs that govern the person's choice of terms. Why
he/she cosntruing this social situation as a fearsome one? Is fear a
broad "pattern" in this person's social construing? What is the opposite
of "fear" in the construct system within the context of social
situations? A laddering procedure could be useful. Being aware of the
implications of fear in this client's system, both of you can discuss a
better, healthier choice to understand the social world avoiding or
resolving the "neurotic paradox" involved in the present dichotomies.
Hope this helps,

Esteban Laso
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