Re: Kelly and the general semanticists

Beverly Walker (
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 00:07:21 +1100

Dear Bob,
Kelly did an MA in sociology with a thesis called 'One thousand workers and
their leisure.' at the university of kansas in 1928. (see also Fransella's
book George kelly where she indicates that 'Kelly was not a sociological innocent')
Re the general semanticists, kelly was influenced by the work of Korzybski,
with his emphasis in part on the problems of the verb 'to be'. there is a
paper about this in the journal, but also spencer McWilliams included that in
his plenary at the Townsville conference, and that is in the Walker, costigan,
viney, warren volume PCT: A psychology for the future (1996). It's a very
interesting paper, written without using the verb to be, and hence very
invitational in its tone.
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