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Tue, 02 Feb 1999 20:01:11 -0500

Bob, and other interested people..

There is a book that was published in the early 50's -- Blake and Ramsey,
"The New Look In Perception," or some such. It was a book which introduced me,
rather intensely, into the idea that one could describe persons in terms of
their cognitive systems -- that "perception IS personality."
Korzybski (sic???) has a chapter in that book. If you can find it you can
get an introduction to the ideas of the general semanticists. The erstwhile
senator from California, S. I. Hayakawa wrote much on the topic..... established
a journal called ETC.. You might find some of the issues of that journal in
your libraries...
Basically, the thrust of the work says [to me], "It all depends on the
personal meaning that you attach signs."

Jim Mancuso

Bob Green wrote:

> Kelly in several sections of v2 refers to the general semanticists and their
> form of psychotherapy.
> Can anyone offer more details or suggest a source on the above subject.
> Any assistance is appreciated,
> regards,
> Bob Green

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