Re: Personal projects analysis and rep grids

Bob Green (
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 20:36:34 +1000

Thanks for the replies.

Firstly, in relation to Beverley Walker's question: "Is this an incomplete
implications grid?"

I don't know, but Hinkle's thesis is cited in the references and the general
approach would seem to be a derivative of repertory grids. I have never
read about implications grids though if this approach is similar I would be
interested in any reference which you thought might be relevant.

In relation to Devi's question, "I haven't come across this sort of grid: or
is it the name of a software package?"

The measures/indices would seem to be derived from the raw data. I did not
notice a reference to software. The article I read was:

Little, B.R., (1983). Personal Projects Analysis: A rationale and method
for investigation. Environment and Behavior, 15, 273-309.

In relation to Tims reply,"That said, I'm not sure what Bob's question was
about, never having heard of project cross-impact analysis. But it sounds

I don't profess to know much about the personal projects approach, though
what I read looked applicable to examining constructs pertaining to a
possibly shared goal, i.e., a good relationship. Devi offered a relevant
suggestion, another would be to rank order the importance of constructs
(many of which could be seen as goals in themself) or conduct an individual
differences scaling analysis. I was toying around with another possibility,
which may or may not hold promise.


Bob Green