Any counselling psychology trainees out there?!

Chris Evans (
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 17:38:20 -0000

If there are any counselling psychology trainees out there, Robin
Trewartha <> would like to hear from them
as s/he (Email embarrassments: suddenly realise I don't know
gender) organises meetings for CP trainees, a growing body
seeking a co-ordinated say about the effects their arrival will have
on the fields of clinical psychology, counselling, psychotherapy
and mental health care generally.

Sounded like a good cause to me so I am forwarding Robin's
request. S/he sent me a long posting full of sensible and
interesting looking info. on things like meetings. The earliest is
this coming thursday. I haven't forwarded the whole message as
it's a lot when most people on the list _won't_ be CP trainees I

Best wishes all,

Chris (list admin.)

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