Re: PhD crisis

M.L.Pope (
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 19:15:50 +0100

I think it is very difficult for you if your supervisor is not familiar
with grids It is very important when you are doing a PhD that you keep your
supervisor informed of all the advice you are getting which may be
conflicting!!!! He /she is legally responsible for your supervision and
must help to guide your decisions

Helen Please get in touch You visited my dept recently it is a pity we did
not have an opportunity to meet

It is possible to compare grids over time provided the ELEMENT set is the
same including the order of elements

The Sociogrid option within Mildred Shaw's REPGRID allows such comparisons
without identical constructs

Different approaches have been taken in the field --the important thing for
you is to be able to defend your choice

Some of these have been

* give the participant the constructs as before without the ratings and
allow them to re rate but do not allow any additional constructs or
deletions of constructs

* give the participant the constructs without ratings but allow additions only

* as beore but also allow deletions

* keep element set same but do not give constructs from previous occasion
ie allow free elicitation of new set

Each of these approches has been used in practice and a discussion of
changes between occasions can take place within the constraints of the
approach and with appropriate caveats

These are just some of the approaches

Of course the whole issue of the measurement of change in
thinking/construing is a mindfield

I hope this helps